Monday, May 11, 2009

The air -- it's so clear!

To be deliberate, considered, discursive, and fully elaborated in my writing is of course my ideal and is the guiding light of what I do here.


The fact is that there is no single way to arrive at readable writing that expresses something important to the writer or to the reader.

I have been as varied in my approach as I can be within the limits, usually, of some sort of seriousness of intent and often content.

In this moment, I would rather throw all that by the wayside.

Sometimes, as politics is too important to leave to politicians (or war to generals), writing is too important to be done as a compository set-piece.


The Goddess is -- TedslkdjflkejelkjrrA
ANd Faarressdrlkjr'Srlkjeoijd


Law is somehow fdjslkrjewaer

Gaze at me and you'll find a RSARSRSATRRR

Laazy Is Good.

Say, this is not all that productive -- but it is spontaneoius, so it brings something out of me that otherwise wouild not be ddffpresent. So, here goes!



Lamination is for all the good people who have insisted on their own way of living.

I hate the way that people find themselves to be some sort djkrl;akjsdrljkr



and I am jdfldkrer




Anmd there's a lot further to go.

Please be patient, as I am in the midst of devolution/deterioration/sinking to a bottome that I have to say is a kind of instrumentless landing in a fog over an unknown landscape.

I hope I'm still here when it's finished.

You are patient, so I thank you, gratefully, in advance.

There's just so many ways to avoid saying that Julia is very friendly.

To the wrong people, if you know what I mean: "friendly."

As in nearly 200 unprotected and often anonymous sexual encoiunters.

I'm going there.

Why is it that people have the idea that I am hoping for friends that will give me presence?

I am more interested in embracing all that is profound, invigorating and sensual about being a woman, and living a life that does not deny that to me or rto anyone else who can devote themselves to the pleasure that freedom can bring.

Please understand that there is joy, ecstasy and hope in even the emotional depths, unto the moment of death (I believe).

Can you please remember that all that is of this world/the Goddess/(EVERYTHING) is to embrace gratefully and humbly and with love and respect for ALL that is alive, which is to say, ALL.

When the end comes for me as JUlia/Estoril/Brigid I will panic, I will be afraid, and I will be home.

I hope I will be with you.

LOve and happiness,

Tears of Estoril.

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