Sunday, March 22, 2009

As for primal screams...

You know, have you ever found yourself on the front lawn of one of your neighbors apologizing for all the pain you've caused yourself and your sisters by screaming outloud, as far into the center of the earth as the soil density permits, and knowing at last that there is cause for the alienation you've been carrying around since being a small child (and that cause is you) and then giving a repeat performance for the person in the world you love the most, your mother, to the extent that you nearly go to the hospital for the third time in two months?

That was something real that happened today, and I'm happy to say that I will never blame anyone for the anger that they carry around inside themselves for being abandoned or being put into the hell of being a girl by others posing as friends, confidantes and sources of wise advice, constructing the very hell that they purport to be ameliorating.

In other words, I am found.

There will always be love, but there won't always be freedom.

Give to your mother the respect she deserves. You might find yourself ,buried in pain.

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