Saturday, March 21, 2009


Let me just say that I have committed the indiscretion of letting some people who are apparently not my friend read this record of mine and as far as I'm concerned you are complete ASSHOLES.

You know who you are.

Since some people love to question and judge my priorities and my life, I suppose I can use this opportunity to RE-iterate just what my priorities are.

(This will be fun. As a matter of fact, so fun I'm going offline to write so that I don't keep the phone off the hook for the next x number of hours.)

So I'm back. Didn't write. Still an eventful day, but I was going to get down to brass tacks.

I live to free myself from hate.

The pleasures of being a rose among the homeless, a pore that heals the trace of friendship in the world at hand, are mine.

There is prayer, there is dreams, there is a trace to hope for.

These are my pillars.

Feel the known and the cruel for their own worth.

They can let you be your home.

I seek to know myself as the home of my own existence.

Wherever that goes.

Please allow friendship to be the home of the dreams of our lives.

I am ready to give to you what you are asking to hear.

These are my priorities and the truth of my life.

See you that there goes hope and joy.

Love, Miss J. B. Murray

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