Saturday, April 4, 2009

Big Trip a'Comin'

The more I think about visiting NYC, the more I am both excited and fearful.

For the first time in such a long time, it FEELS like it's all up to me.


Six days later.

No longer going to NY: less freedom more safety and sanity (apparently, perhaps).

I'm going to work and work and work on describing the rapid and stressful rise, fall, crash and contraction of my emotional and mental and of course familial (chosen and bio) crises.

WEll, at least I'll try to give you some idea of why I'm not in the City.

Clue: Crack

What problem has not disappeared despite these emotional permutaitosn?

Clue: See above.

So, despite the mediocrity of the conception and expression of this post, there is the next one nipping at the heels of this one.

I really am peacefully going to work this all out before I make some gigantic decision, again.

To ZaSu: know anyone here in Arizona who needs an airplane ticket on the 22nd to Newark?

I don't.

There is so much happening.


But I woiuld have gotten high.

Whatever, JOLO


Let iiiiiiiiiiii


Lashed to the post, I cry out, Good!

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