Saturday, April 25, 2009

Julia's gotta Jam

Say, there, little one, home is good.

Tell me that love is a rose!??

Hand it over to me, big girl -- I've been working at it, and there's a lot to bring forth.

People all would like to see the dreams of the world free from strife and fear.


Love the dark as long as you can love your own life's blood.

There's a famous prayer that there be life everlasting.

Maybe with all the anger and the despair, the grief and hopelessness, wars will teach us that there's only life, that people are love.

Of course, there can be no freedom without sex. And for once let me just draw for us the strength and the power to give as siblings home to each other.

[You might want to know why in the world I expect to get anywhere always writing of home and love as if they are identical and the absolute necessities for human existence that I perceive them to be. It is because home is the body, the beginning and the end of that body, and the sustenance of life from beginning to end. So far, only a few people have managed to be able to keep themselves in the home they need for their whole lives, but maybe that will change. This is not simply idealization. If your body is not your home, then what is? If your body did not come from the home of your mother's womb, then what is human? If you cannot obtain, give or create shelter, then where is survival, comity, kindness and family?]

Be nice to yourself.


Estoril CUMAEA, Sybil of Sierra Vista.

Oh, just spoke to Dr. Bartalos. Once again I'm working my way back to the big City. Treatment here for transsexuals is virtually nonexistent. I simply want a hormone shot(safely), and a referral to someone somewhere who will give one to me later.

The actress is that beauty loved rose.

2 points if you can guess who was who.

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