Thursday, April 2, 2009

Letting go of mystery -- except for what's in this post

Love is a way to give to yourself without making Her pay.

Say, how are you (multiple) doing?

It's been quite a season.

I need to be nice.

So, as you are giving time to reading this, give some peace and some recognition to yourself.

It's loving and shall I say, meet, to like what the fuck there is.

I'm believing that when this is read, that gay people will be happy, and that I (queer me) will be happy too!

This is the way I feel.

So, anyway, when you are seeing patience and home and darkness be free, you will be happy and loved.

I really would like to let you know that you and the friendships that you and I have felt for one another will be hopeful and nourishing.

Sometimes these sentimental pronouncements are my way of understanding why there feels like so much has occurred/passed/taken place and will never return.

I am very hopeful, too.

Won't be in New York this month, the next or probably the next.

But I am very happy that you are here. In the sphere of communication, at least.

Don't be put off by the disjointed and inconclusive and just a little nonsensical nature of today's

Letting be.



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