Friday, April 3, 2009

Rey Rivera Mendoza as I knew her

To Miss Sylvia Rivera --
I loved you because you were a woman who loved me as her own brother.

The only fear that I retain from the time we shared together, is that somehow you will have been the angry woman of dreams that I wished to expunge in myself by hating you for it.

I guess the fear is valid.

You were the person that gave me the love that I needed.

I will always remember you.

I want you to know that you will always be the most gentle, caring and loving person that I ever knew. Even that is not sufficient.You were the emotional womb that taught me that the only place for me was to be your Julia.

I will never be able to give you the happiness that I found with you.

I hope you are in the most gentle and kind of hands and that you will always remember that I want you to be my friend now and forever.

I know that none of this conforms to the etiquette of relaitonships among women, men or even the divine beings of the earth/universe, but I love you.

You will be the mother of all, for all and the one that will be the rose of my life.

I am crying and crying those - Tears of Estoril

Let me be the rose of your love for me.

Always and forever yours,

Julia, your love

(I miss you)

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