Saturday, January 17, 2009

Freedom, Love, Devotion

A Virgin loves me

A strange craving for a rose
A belief that struggles for love
A tree that runs to life

Surroundings that give Mary

The tribe of a friend
Hoping for a woman

Troy Mother Give Change

A crow's bait likes dying
A mother's breasts create woman

Jamie love her presence

Still bearing one friend

Climbing to the Marina

Sneer at my tribe and
you are malevolent

Spain loves Julia

If I say it, then --
Jamie, thank you for your truth

Julia's homosexual home

I have been a kind and loving woman
I have been a bride
And now I know what to believe

The Goddess is alive

[In a nut shell, I Belayed hovering]

Yours as trill

1 comment:

  1. I don't sneer at you hon. I just talk straight.
    The concern does not make it through the writing.

    I am dearly sorry if you felt sneered at. That was
    not my intention.

    --- M