Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Kore (The Apple) - dimensionless

Knowledge of self can lead to equanimity, strength and inner focus; and it also can mire in obsession, solipsistic twisted journeys to nowhere, and circling emotional landscapes from Hell.

The universe is a much larger place than that: there are others for whom one can let down the barriers to contact with other galaxies of need, of will, of luxuriantly grown/(or decayed) life. One does not always sit in the gorgeous parks of the City or beside the ocean or in the mountains with a blindfold on, hands and feet bound, and raise the remaining sensations -- tauntings of one's demons, blind disembodied thinking, and whispered hints of the outer world to the level of poetry that fully conveys the sacred sweep and flow of Nature and her Creatures.

I say these things in order to remind myself that not only can I, I must believe in something other than myself, and that in writing the object is not only to communicate my own feelings but the tribulations and joys involved in living within a world that is home to countless others as well as myself.

Let's start with why, to me, people are still suffering needlessly around the world, and with the way things are going, why those sufferings, though useless to cling to, are becoming more varied, more intense, and more intractable.

The fact is, as I have observed it, is that most of the socially privileged, think of and act as though
others are cattle in so many pens, and treat us as such.

Now I would never say that there are no instances of compassion or even commitment to a level of well-being of, for lack of a better word, the people. But the social structure -- which in the U.S. at least is one that is supposed to promote freedom and to exist with the consent of the governed, is composed of and designed for a continual reflection back to the cattle of their aspirations, so that these aspirations are destroyed. If you want change, the answer is you change. If you want love, the answer is, you give love. If you want a different kind of society, the answer is, well, you don't possess the "background," (pedigree), or "skills", (ability to deceive/manipulate and suppress) to make the kinds of changes you want, and anyway, you're cattle, and each individual cow wants something different, don't they, so what is it you want? So, despite the fact that you may have less opportunity, less wealth and less scope in life, your desires are illegitimate because, the answers are -- there's only so much to go around (again, why you), (on the other hand we deserve compensation for keeping society "functioning"), You're a malcontent or crazy (you're cattle), the other cattle might not like it (they are cattle) or what you want is a threat (you're violent).

The idea is that you cannot make people (of pedigree and skill) do anything they don't want to do, as long as you are unwilling to do what you don't want to do. That's the social contract. You claim you're as good as us, so prove it, or don't deny our primacy. And proving it means showing you have something that others don't. Partly because all your individuality and aspirations can be and have been absorbed processed and presented back to you as something other than who you know yourself to be, or because you are loyal to where you come from, you refuse to compete in such a world, so you are deemed worthless (at best, an observer). The you that you are has been checked by the you your social superior is, because as an individual he/she has all the same characteristics you do, minus the imperfection of being powerless: pedigreeless -- you've not won in the past, or skillless -- you can't win in the present. This is what counselors, psychiatrists and psychologists are for, to keep pushing you back in the pen while bringing out in you the beauty and potential of your cowness, while neither associating with you or living with the same material chances as you do. Don't put a wrench in the machine -- it's our machine, and so are the cops, and so are the politicians, and so are you.

So, as one or two of my dear friends have said, "Let's Dance!"

Dear readers, thank you.

I have been most lacking in consideration. I am liked.

Be happy , and should you find any other originality in any other writing of mine, let me know, and I will be most pleased, gratified and will have grounds for thereby finding my life acceptable.

Please don't work like a horror -- or better, Make horror, not war.
I never used to like horror movies.
Bye for now --

S. Trill Bridge Id

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