Thursday, January 15, 2009

Plain and Simple

Was that song, Church of the Poison Mind, by Boy George?

I need to be strong
A forge that is Rusty's nature is love.

The guise of life is beauty.

All who love are Mary and dark.

The quiet of reaching for hope is shared.

I am a lover of friends who know that the place of life is beauty.

The answers that I have found are alive and hopeful.

Strong knowledge of the fruit of life's happiness is powerful and loving.

This freedom of reason is a woman.

I have seen very many crimes that no law ever gave hope for restitution.

Such crimes are often committed by those the law protects.

I do not know how or where the reasons that many find to justify unconscionable acts have their source.

I know that I have gone very close to some of the framework of hatred in my life and in myself.

I have studied much "political theory" as my readers either know or hear learn.

The facts are that there is no correct truth that can encompass the universe of life and within it, humanity. Love of freedom does not suffice without the recognition in practice of the desires, needs, and expectations of all of the human species and now, we are learning,other species and the very Earth as well.

Love is crazy.

I am happy to be able to feel a part of the hope that dreams bring.

Goddess is the amazing fact that any lover of peace with justice can give love to themselves.

And thereby give beauty to a world that needs it.

I am happy that you who have decided to read this incoherent set of sentences might begin to feel the friendship that I wish to believe in.

Scary are many strikes that have made love and made life better.

I hope to continue writing, but for now I will let these words be how and what they are so that I can be myself.

I am very afraid of Julia.

She wants love, and I want happiness. I need to give her what she desires.

See, I told you I'm schizo.

Love, Estoril Brigid Cumaea

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  1. Everyone deserves happiness. You should be sure you
    get some love and some happiness.

    --- M