Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lethe-al Commentary

Today I refused to sign a petition calling for the U.S. to withdraw all military and labor aid from Israel. I did this not out of great love for Israel, but because some of the supporting information and the petition itself seemed to absolve Hamas of all "blame" for what has been happening there. Even being starved by an occupation/blockade is not cause for rocket attacks on civilians. I made the comment that instead both sides need to negotiate "unconditionally" and then asked for responses from anyone who thought that was unjust. I hope that anyone who cares about what I do or do not do will respect my decision as an honest one that recognizes that when people are neighbors that both need to talk to each other -- conversation must be a two way street.
That said, I desperately hope that Israel ceases its bloody aggression. And I hope that Arabs recognize that Jewish people do have a claim to reside in Palestine.

I also acknowledge that landownership in this country must ultimately become the decisionmaking province of the First Nations (Native Americans). In other words, I subscribe to the animist/pagan approach to the land, that it belongs to no one, and that everyone belongs to it/Her.

So, onward.


  1. I agree with your attitude. There is lots of blame to
    go around in the mess in Israel and Gaza. Hamas needs to stop lobbing rockets and Israel needs to stop lobbing bombs and both need to stop.

  2. thanks marina,

    not to mention, i've been violent and i've been violented and neither helped me or i believe anyone else.