Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nausicaa's Natural Nuggets

Hi, I"d thought I'd do a little experimentation with color and font. Interesting, ain't it?

I think that, in the moment, I shall brainstorm, as is my wont, and let my loyal readers in on my creative process.

First, What the hell is going on and why is it I am (oh, here I'm stuck, so I'll just keep typing whatever comes to mind. Now, here goes the spellling. Oops, nothing happened. Okay, whatever work, oh, look, I sessaidikldfkjsldsjf work not word.

Isn't that excieting?

Excruciatingly so, I imagine would be some persons' response. There is some truth to the notion that the mind can only produce so much interesting material before it devolves into an empty, let us say, barren and dried out vessel, such as the one that bore ? certainly bored somebody.

So AS I WAS SAYING, I was in one of the three local bookstores the other day, this is Sierra Vista Airizona, A small town of the military-industrial economy deposited within a few miles of the Mexican border and some prime drug-smuggling routes, and I was wandinering arouind looking as usual at all the books I wanted to buy and couldn't. First there's the category of religious studies, All of JOSEPHUS, TLHe Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels, The Gnostic Gospels or was it the Gnostic Bible themselves, a twenty-year-old edition of the Nag Hammadi texts, etc. Now these fall under the category of possibly interesting, probably too expensive, don't know enough about each exidtitoijadlkjad;lsfjl;kjedalkjs lad;kjf Sorry, editiohn to be able to choose which to buy, and lastly and most unfortunate, A certain JKH and/or CEG have read them or would like to read them or have inspired me in the direciton of reading them. Back to that at some point.

Then there's the poetry of Blake, very much abridged versus the whole of Robert Creeley's poetry. Now, if I'm going to have Blake, I'm going to HAVE blake -- and after looking at Creeley's poetry, it looks a lot like mine, only maybe not as good, so why bother?

Then there's the question of steampunk -- what kind of science fiction section, what kind of novel sectioin does not have William Gibson's work?

To cut short this matter of what and how did I choose, it came down to my reading something into what my mother said, or perhaps one of the gentlemen's expressions who was sitting opposite me as i was drinking my coffee, or maybe it was just that i didn't want to pay so much money for Josephus. SO I did make the natural, psychotic selectioin, which was to go for the light reading, as suggested by one of my loyal readers, and get some books I mentioned in another post - ha ha, didn't repeat myself!. ....

I t turns out that my FATHER, that person who I found out today was more of an average man than I realized in a way that caused me much pain to find out -- I'm not specifying because I don't want my mother to feel bad, had a very nice copy of a much better novel by J.Verne, The Mysterious Island.

Oh yes, I wsas going to go on and on about all the books that I have been reading, but that's at least 15 partially-finioshed books, none of which I really want to give up on, but none of which I can really concentrate on.

This is all Karma, I know it, because I was very much against mental patients having to embrace the values of their "betters" the mental health professioinals and be set to reading and writing as a way to become more sane. I didn't see the relationship and thought the proposition was an insulting one. So naturally I CAN NOT READ as well as I used to be able to.

Okay, comments: The Odyssey -- good, but not great (repetitious, boring and violent) like so much of WEstern culture.

Only one fourth done.

(tr. Fagels)

Native Son, violent, -- he just wanted to kill her

Have to eventually finish this one.

Claudius novels by Graves -- incredible writing, story, lots of violence kudos to the Pagan Classical scholar

The Golden Bough -- Oh my God is this guy elitist and anti-human sacrifice?

(75 pages more to go)

The City of God (Augustine) boring, intense, informative, and Oh my God is this guy elitist and anti-sex?

(1000 pages more to go.)

Don't forget the Confessioins of the same

Don't forget Kant's Critique of Pure (had to be Pure, not Practical) Reason -- I'll get around to it in some far-off time

Pope's Complete Works

Absolutely phenomenal poet, too bad I'm not an 18th C. Scholar -- fouind out about him throuigh my ill-fated first heterosexual relationship.

God, I'm forgetting. Books? Books? Books? What have I to do with you. A Joke, MarA.

Sherlock Holmes, ahh, there's some entertainment to go for without making your brain rattle around your skull into you're making so much nosie that the riot police show up. Yes, I'm somewhere nearly halfway finished with that.

I refuse to go to the other room to see what else there is (Besides Ginsberg: the man's poetry could have been better if he had not used a creative process like mine: drugs and run-on thoughts.) Kaddish and Howl and some others are extremely good, however. Still one more elitist at some level (as if i'm not).

I really just want to say thsi: God is a woman that likes it.

Now you know how sick I still am.

Every day I get better and better, right?

I will pester myself overnight, and come up better than you. Oh, I mean with something better FOR you.

Damn Freud, well, he just identified the phenomenon, didn't cause it, or did he? Heisenberg principle. God, I'm looking forward to having to quote that to keep out of the Hospital.

I've gotta stop.



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  1. It looks like you have a lot of good reading to do. Nowadays it seems like i hardly ever have the time to
    read. I get up, go to work and come home and spend time with Laura (remember laura ?) and Norma, my new
    girlfriend. Before long it is time to sleep so i can
    go back to work. It is an ok life but it seems i have little time for anything else. I am happy for the most
    part too.